Batteries for XBox

XBox Batteries

If you have ever been right in the middle of a game on your XBox and the controller suddenly stops working, it is as if the world has come to an end! Whether its you or your child that experiences this, you will know what we mean. This is why you cannot be ill-prepared when it comes for having batteries for xbox controllers.

Batteries for XBox 360 Controller

Requirements, according to when it comes to batteries for XBox 360 controller are AA batteries, or the rechargeable battery pack. However, the support website recommends using rechargeable AA batteries for the best performance, as opposed to rechargeable AA batteries.

Batteries for XBox One Controller

Again the support site recommends AA batteries for the XBox One Controller.

Regardless of which batteries for XBox you need and use, the following is worth mentioning:

  • Always consult your product manual for the best results
  • Safely dispose of any used batteries both for safety and environmental purposes.

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